Food Safety and Conservation

The Farm, Food Safety & Conservation Network (or “Network”) is a Central Coast region working group whose membership includes expertise from diverse fields, interests and talents to support food safety, environmental quality and agricultural viability using common sense, risk and science based approaches.

MISSION: The Network’s purpose is to facilitate the coordination of related organizations to support the agricultural industry’s efforts to reduce food safety risks through methods which also minimize or avoid impacts to water quality, wildlife and habitat through education, training, research, communication and outreach.

Co-management involves managing the production environment to achieve multiple objectives including food safety, environmental protection, and sustainability. Through increased understanding of the value of conservation practices and how they might represent a food safety risk (though habitat creation), production managers can better determine how to manage the risks and achieve joint objectives. Visit our CO-MANAGEMENT TOOLKIT for information and resources on how to accomplish co-managment.

Conservation Practices on a farm while protecting food safety.

Map of conservation practices on a Triple M Farm visited during the 2013 Co-Management Forum.