What We Do to Promote and Improve Water Quality

Central Coast Conservation Action Tracker (CCAT)

Learn about AWQA conservation efforts through viewing the projects undertaken and accomplished by AWQA organizations and other CCAT member organizations. CCAT is a web-based tool for entering and reviewing information related to conservation projects. The purpose of this website is to assist project managers, conservation organizations, and the general public in tracking project locations and sharing information about conservation projects taking place on the Central Coast.


Does your organization want to join CCAT? Organizations involved in conservation efforts can enter their projects into CCAT once they have obtained an ID and login. To request a CCAT ID and password contact Pam Krone at Pam.Krone@noaa.gov.

Education and Professional Development Workshops

AWQA hosts workshops on agricultural topics. Copies of presentations from recent meetings can be downloaded:
Pesticide Use, Detection and On-Farm Management Practices for Mitigating Toxicity 3/20/18.
Legacy Pesticides: Continuing Effects and the Importance of Long term regional monitoring.  Presentation by Dane Hardin from Central Coast Long-term Environmental Assessment (CCLEAN).
Current Pesticides Occurrences and Trends on the Central Coast. Presentation by Xin Deng from California Dept of Pesticide Regulation
On-farm management practices for mitigating toxicity in irrigation runoff. Presentation by Bryn Phillips from UC Davis Granite Canyon Lab.
Best Management Practices for Agricultural Pesticide Runoff by Aniela Burant from California Dept of Pesticide Regulation

Biochar Field Trial in San Mateo County 08/29/16
Biochar Field Trials results including water quality, GHG production and economic outcomes from the biochar field trials in San Mateo County by Brittani Bohlki and Sara Polgar from the San Mateo RCD.

Small Scale Nutrient Removal Technologies 04/20/16
Removing nitrate from tile drain water using denitrification bioreactors by Tim Hartz from UCCE.
Advanced denitrifying bioreactor project by John Skardon from CSUMB.

WSARE Cross Trainings 04/02/15 & 5/6/15
CropManage Online System for Irrigation and Nutrient Management
AWQA Toolkits for Irrigation and Nutrient Management,
Nutrient Budgetting
Irrigation Management – Show Me the Numbers
How To Use: Soil Survey Web, CIMIS Station Web, NRCS Water Destination Graph
Tule: Use of Actual Field Evapotranspiration
Hortau: Simplified Irrigation System
CPS: CONNECT Wireless Monitoring: Soil Moisture and Irrigation Systems

Watershed Working Groups 04/08/15Pajaro Valley Community Water Dialogue – Basin Scale WWG by Brian Lockwood from PVWMD, Emily Paddock from Driscoll’s and Lisa Lurie from RCD Santa Cruz Co.

A Nutrient Co-op Approach to a Watershed Working Group by Ross Clark from the Central Coast Wetlands Group and Jennifer Biringer from The Nature Conservancy.

Santa Rita Creek Watershed Working Group by Pam Krone-Davis from MBNMS and Sarah Lopez from Perservation Inc.

The Future of Central Coast Agriculture in 10 – 20 Years 02/11/2015
Scarcity or Abundance for California Specialty Ag by Nathan Dorn from Reiter Berry
What’s on the Horizon for Water Quality and Supply Priorities by Abby Taylor Silva from the Grower Shipper Association

Nutrient Modelling of the Lower Salinas Watershed 12/10/2014
Modeling Fate & Transport of Nutrients in the Lower Salinas Watershed – Where to start?  by Kim Null from Central Coast Wetlands Group

Capturing Storing and Saving Water through Non-Irrigation Practices 08/13/2014
The Forgotten Practices by Rich Casale from Natural Resource Conservation District
Soil Building for Water Savings by Jocelyn Gretz from Rio Farms

Irrigation Management using Crop Evapo-Transpiration from Satellites 06/11/2014
Satellite Mapping of Crop Water Requirements for Irrigation Management Support by Forrest Melton from CSUMB/ NASA
Calculator for Water Sustainability by Lee Johnson from NASA

Farming on Hillslopes 12/11/2013
Hillside Farming: Managing Soil and Water on Slopes by Ben Burgoa from RCD Monterey Co.
Row Arrangement and Grassed Roads by Deborah Nares from RCD Santa Cruz Co.
Stormwater: Are You Ready? by Beau Schoch from NRCS
Erosion Control Strategies for Runoff and Erosion Control by Rich Casale from NRCS