Partners in Improving Water Quality

AWQA is guided by a steering committee of partners with regional representation.  AWQA partners work together to host events, develop the AWQA strategic plan, develop grant projects, and accomplish the Agriculture and Rural Lands Action Plan.

mbnms color (2)The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary recognizes the importance of the land sea connection and working cooperatively with the ag community through their Agriculture Water Quality Coordinator to bring about continual improvement in the quality of runoff leaving the land and entering the Sanctuary. CCWQC_nobackgroundThe Central Coast Agricultural Water Quality Coalition represents farmers and ranchers in the development and implementation of voluntary, cost-effective, producer-directed programs to protect water quality on the Central Coast.
 ucce b&wThe University of California Cooperative Extension has a dedicated Irrigation, Water Quality and Water Policy specialist.  UCCE’s CropManage program is helping agriculture conserve water and reduce runoff through a web-based interface advising irrigation water application based on crop needs. nrcs colorUSDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service provides support to farmer’s through funding and technical assistance. Special 2014 drought assistance funding and fact sheets. Local NRCS service centers are available throughout California to help growers develop conservation plans and to provide advice on conservation practices.
RCDcolor2007Six Resource Conservation Districts: San Mateo, Santa Cruz County, Loma Prieta, San Benito, Monterey County, Upper Salinas-Las Tablas, Cachuma. Each Conservation District has unique programs to serve regional needs. farm bureau b&wThe purpose of Farm Bureaus is to protect and promote agricultural interests throughout the state of California and to find solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community.  Each county supports agricultural interests through grassroots recommendations from growers and ranchers.