Soil Ecology Workshop with Dr. Christine Jones

December 13, 2017 – December 14, 2017 all-day
Paicines Ranch
13388 Airline Highway Paicines
CA 95043
Paicines Ranch

Understanding and working with soil ecology offers perhaps the greatest potential for creating regenerative agricultural systems. This two-day workshop with Dr. Christine Jones will offer an in-depth and practical understanding of:

The role of mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, and other microbes in sequestering carbon
Increasing soil nutrient availability and plant health
Increasing nutrient density of crops
Increasing resilience of soil in an unpredictable climate
Reducing off-farm fertility inputs by optimizing photosynthesis
Principles and applications to support stable soil carbon sequestration

Christine’s teaching style is interactive, dynamic, and draws from a truly amazing depth of understanding of soil ecology. She has a unique ability to make complex systems easily understandable and relevant and has been one of the most powerful influences on the success of our management practices here at Paicines Ranch.

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