Fungicide Resistance Tailgate

February 23, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Monterey Pacific, Inc. |
40410 Arroyo Seco Rd
Soledad, CA 93960
The Vineyard Team

Recent research has identified populations of powdery mildew that are resistant to FRAC 11 fungicides (strobilurins), FRAC 3 (DMIs), or both. A collaboration of researchers and extentionists are working to develop novel diagnostic tools and implement these techniques in the field.

Dr. Timothy Miles is one of the leading researchers in this area. He will discuss his research, what he has found, and what you can do to manage or prevent these particular forms of resistance. He will also talk about his collaboration with researchers in Washington and Oregon to develop management tools and techniques tested in the field.

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