Cal Poly’s Swanton Pacific Ranch Presents Sustainable Rangeland & Livestock Management Course ASCI S470

July 31, 2017 – August 11, 2017 all-day
Swanton Pacific Ranch
CA 95017

This workshop will provide training in the management of California grassland and brushland ecosystems on ranches, and for conservation projects that employ grazing to achieve conservation objectives.

Over the 11 days, students will learn common methods of evaluating (1) plant community characteristics (forage/biomass production, species composition, frequency), (2) wildlife habitat conditions (structure and density), and (3) features that may impact water quality (chiefly sediment yield from streambank and road conditions and livestock access points, and degree and extent of vegetative cover for soil protection, filtration, and stream shading). That learning will include doing significant field work to gain experience in evaluating these parameters in different habitats on the ranch. The final class project will be a written and detailed management plan for vegetation, wildlife habitat, or water quality protection.

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