AWQA Field Tour of Nitrate Removal Bioreactor

February 16, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
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Pam Krone

This a tour of a nitrate removal technology commonly used in waste treatment systems and has been adapted to a smaller scale ag field setting. The design allows for a highly efficient and cost effective removal of nitrate within a small space. These bioreactors can be used to treat groundwater or runoff. They can also be designed for portability or they can be bolted in place on a concrete pad. Even those bolted to a pad can be easily moved to a different location if desired.

Bioreactor Specs:

Approximate Size: 20 feet long by 25 feet wide

Approximate Asset Cost: $32000

Approximate Operation and Maintenance Cost: $1.25 per lb of NO3 removed

Approximate Treatment capacity: 36,000 gallons/day

Approximate Nitrate Removal: 90 %

Approximate Nitrate Load Removal: 27 lbs/day (based on 100 ppm NO3-N coming in)

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